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Trend Alert: The New-Look Low Ponytail

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The low ponytail has been on our style radar for some time thanks to its ability to make any look instantly polished. Here's how to achieve this season's take on the chic style.

Why we love it...

The essence of the low ponytail is its simplicity. The clean lines and polished finish make it the perfect blank canvas for your overall look – opening the door for daring make-up and fashion choices. For instance, directional makeup, a statement outfit or a must-have accessory are all completely wearable when the hair is kept minimal and sleek.

How to wear it this season...

Firstly, don't overthink it. This season's styling of the low ponytail isn't about pinpoint precision. To begin with, flat-iron the hair from root to tip to achieve the elegant poker straight effect and then use your fingers to create a centre part line down the head – but don't fuss over making it exactly straight. Lightly tease the roots so that the style isn't dead flat and then gather the lengths back into a low pony and secure at the nape of the neck.

How to mix it up...

As mentioned, this season isn't about a perfectly symmetrical low pony, and the best way to play up this idea is by experimenting with texture. In addition to adding volume via some light teasing, you may also want to consider adding a runway-approved wet look finish to the style – a spritz of L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART Shower Shine will create that effect. For some extra detail in the finish, consider fastening a ribbon or long tie around the base of the pony, or try adding multiple small hairbands along the tail to create a bubble ponytail effect.

Options for curly hair...

Ladies with naturally curly hair needn't miss out on all the low ponytail fun! Tailor this style by first straightening the hair from the roots to around mid-way along the lengths and then leave the bottom half of the hair curly. That way, the hair will sit flush along the head in the pony, while the tail will be gloriously curly. Cap it off with an on-trend jewelled hair accessory for the ultimate party season look.

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