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The Ultimate Morning Haircare Routine

You may have your morning skin care routine down pat, but what about a morning hair care regimen? Whatever your style, here's how to best care for your hair on a daily basis.

1. Use the right brush

The foundation of every hair care routine requires choosing the right brush to suit your hair type. Using the wrong brush can be detrimental to your hair health, causing unnecessary frizz or even breakage. As a starting point for most hair types, opt for a non-synthetic wide, flat brush - and don't forget to clean the brush regularly.

2. Know when to wash

As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to wash your hair no more than two to three times per week - otherwise you run the risk of stripping the hair of its natural oils. If your hair tends to look greasy between washes, try spritzing the roots with L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Morning After Dust to tide you over. Supplement your wash routine with a weekly leave-in conditioner to encourage shine and replenish the hair.

3. Blow-dry strategy

Adjusting your blow drying technique can makes a huge difference to overall hair health. For starters, lower the temperature setting on your dryer – using the hottest setting can potentially dry out the hair shaft, leaving it weak and prone to breakage. Also try to avoid drying your hair 100% - leaving just that little bit of moisture will help prevent the hair from becoming dehydrated.

4. Watch for product cross-over

Can't figure out why your hairline tends to get greasy? Your skin care or make-up products may be to blame! To prevent any product from transferring into your hair, wear a soft headband as you apply your skin and make-up products. Also, remember to always wash your hands to remove any residue before styling.

5. Give your hair a break

Your hair won't take too kindly to being heavily styled day after day. So, if you wore an overly styled look the day before, give your hair a break the following day by opting for a no-heat hair style and using less product. Switching things up means your hair isn't constantly being pulled and manipulated into a tight style and also prevents unnecessary product build-up.

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