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The Sixties Style: Librarian Chic

Curled and impeccably presented, all while remaining flexible; this is the challenge the iconic sixties style gracefully takes up. This is clearly why it was one of that swinging decade's signature looks, and why it remains so popular today.

A stunning style with great curves!

This voluminous style, made so famous during the sixties, is a curly half-ponytail, with a section at the front left free to style as you please. This hairstyle has the advantage of being both sophisticated and fiercely feminine. A little bit librarian and very glamorous – all dependant on the outfit and makeup – this style is a long-haired woman's secret weapon.

Volume: discreet but powerful

Even though the tease at the back of the head is subtle, unlike those seen in the actual 1960s and on film and stage (think Hairspray), it's there nevertheless. This is why Delphine Courteille, hairstylist for L'Oréal Professionnel, recommends that those with long faces skip this style, as it lengthens the silhouette, the jaw line and cheeks.

A style requiring skills

Chignons aren't the only ones with curves. To create the right amount of tease for this look, you'll need a skilled hair professional to firstly get the hair in place, then smooth it into a beautiful bouffant, without forgetting to sweep over exactly the right amount of hair from the side part, to bring the final touch of vintage charm.

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