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  • The romantic chignon: for the love of the bun

The romantic chignon: for the love of the bun

The 'romantic' chignon adds softness and femininity to the face, thanks to its loose locks that flow down to just above the shoulders. Let's have a closer look at a classic style, the sometimes overly structured bun, in its relaxed angelic form.

The romantic chignon's captivating charm

Romanticism has definitely not been left back in the 1800s, as any of the world's most famous hair stylists will attest! Backstage, in the styling seats of the Paris, London, Milan and New York fashion shows, there has been an upsurge of romantic chignons. The gathered bun section elegantly reveals the neck, and the messy, wavy (or curly) tendrils that frame the face bring alluring charm and, even, an element of seduction with a retro touch.

A bohemian hairstyle to lengthen the silhouette

Denis Holbecq, the hairstylist ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel, sees the romantic chignon as, 'a good option for elongating a round-shaped face. This glamorous and bohemian look reveals the neck, giving its wearer an elegant, long posture and silhouette.' When it comes to ultra-feminine hairstyles, we're opting for this gorgeous loose bun and the mystical aura it adds: divinely hippie-chic.'

The romantic chignon loves all colours

'To bring thickness to your hair with this loose chignon, bronde (editor's note: a shade blending blonde and brunette, with a nuanced contrast that looks entirely natural) is a great choice. The tips of the front, lightened using a dip-dye technique, can really brighten the face,' our hair stylist adds. And because current trends are all about subtle two-tones, going for this fresh colour definitely ratchets up the romantic chignon to 'it' status.

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