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The ins and outs of air-drying

When the temperature's pushing 30 degrees, there's no way you'll be in the mood for a hairdryer blasting hot hair anywhere near your face. Instead, go au naturel and let nature do its thing. Here's how to walk out of the house looking fresh and preened, sans heat styling.

As you've no doubt experienced, without a good leave-in post-shower treatment, you can end up with fluffy locks on a humid day. To wind up with a fabulous looking 'do, rather than an unkempt mass of hair, here are the ground rules: After washing and conditioning, towel dry your hair so you're not dripping onto your outfit once you step out the door. Plus, this will also ensure any product you apply will actually be absorbed by your tresses. Next, you'll want to apply a treatment to your still-damp hair. We suggest Nutrifier DD Balm from Serie Expert. It's a combo of glycerol and coconut oil that will hydrate, nourish and give shine. It's particularly helpful if your hair tends towards the dry and undernourished.

Meanwhile, if your hair is naturally wavy or curly and generally needs more attention, opt for a little curl cream; one that will impart a semi-polished "Why yes, I woke up like this" look. Give a go. It'll give you a matte finish and a sexy, deconstructed result. The next part is easy: wait for it to dry.

Finally, if your hair is a little on the thin side, opt for an oil instead. Apply it to the mid-section and ends of your damp hair, so that once it's dry, the look is nourished, healthy and bouncy. Once you've applied the oil, don't be tempted to further fuss or style your mane. Just get on with your day. Maybe a low-maintenance routine was just what you needed all along.

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