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The buzz: Beehives are back

Have you heard the news? We're all abuzz! Beehives are back. One look at the Antonia Marras catwalk in Milan for SS17 and it's clear that beehives are back, bigger, taller and more bouffant than ever before!

Big. Bouffant. Buzzing.

A throwback to the glam 60's and revisited by the likes of Amy Winehouse, the beehive was first created by a Chicago hairdresser who modelled the look on a Fez hat. The shape is reminiscent of a beehive of course, but did you know it was also known as a B-52, due to the resemblance with the B-52 bomber airplane's conical nose?

Love big hair? It's your time to shine. Whether it's in homage to Amy, or to the Love Shack crew, you can try the biggest of hairdos too.

So how do you do it?

It's all well and good admiring those towering beehives, but how do you do it?

A masterpiece of volume! First, use backcombing to create a cone shaped pile on top of your head. Then, use a comb to gently smooth the top layers in order to create that smooth, glossy finish whilst maintaining that well-earned height.

is perfect for this creation, and perhaps add a modern twist by intentionally fixing fly away strands– as if in motion. Adding texture, this fixing hairspray works on all hair types, and leaves hair looking natural while ensuring maximum hold.

And don't forget; the longer your hair, the higher the hive.

Can't reach the top of the hive? Ask your L'Oréal Professionnel stylist for a helping hand.

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