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  • The best #ColorfulHair Flash looks for the races

The best #ColorfulHair Flash looks for the races

Couple with pastel temporary hair colour Men with vivid red hair colour section Model with long wavy brown hair and vivid green roots shadow using #ColorfulHair Flash Mode with long blonde wavy hair and subtle pastel highlights
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Getting races ready? Why not add some colour to your outfit with #ColorfulHair Flash pro makeup by L'oreal Professionnel? See some of our favourite temporary hair colour races styles below.

If you need to make-up your hair in a flash, look no further than #ColorfulHair Flash pro makeup. It's no secret that vivid and pastel hair colours have taken off in the last few years, and now you can cut the commitment to these bright styles by trying a temporary hair colour solution like #ColorfulHair Flash in-salon treatment.

Gold Digger

Get bold with some hair bling, and try a fantastic metallic shade of gold in your locks. Perfect for adding some sparkle to your outfit without experimenting with a rainbow shade that might clash. This style is recommended for darker coloured hair. We can see a textured sparkly bob pairing beautifully with a gold metallic headband worn across the crown of the head or even a wide brimmed boater hat!

Dancing Pink

Thinking pink for the races? A pastel fringe can be dialled up or down depending how bright you want to go. Perfect to pair with a soft spring floral outfit and fresh dewy makeup.

Hello Holo

A peacock sparkly blue roots shadow is not for the faint of heart, but we love this head turning style! Try wearing this bold and bright shade with a simple fascinator or barrette, so the colour and waves are not lost underneath an overbearing accessory. Such a contemporary look would also work wonderfully with a jumpsuit in black or navy.

Purple Reign

Let's hear it for the boys! Getting creative with colour is not just a female thing. Boys love looking their best for the races as well, you could try a subtle violet purple hue swept through your temples to take your look to the next level. If subtle is not your style, you could even try a stripe of vibrant red like the model pictured. Try matching the hair hue to your tie or corsage, we love to see a fella who is colour co-ordinated!

So how does #Colorfulhair Flash work?

Like eye-shadow or blush, similar pigments to face make-up are applied onto the hair shaft, coating the fibre with a thin film of colour. A big advantage is that #Colorfulhair Flash shades are visible on all hair colours; there's no need to lighten hair beforehand. Its jelly-like texture makes it easy to apply, and prevents the colour from running, allowing precise application and bold creations. The new colour will wash out in one shampoo, leaving you free to decide your next look! There is no damage to your hair with this process, and no change to your natural hair colour once you remove it. There's nothing holding you back now!

So, if you're ready to get creative with colour this races season, giddy up! It's time to try #ColorfulHair Flash.

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