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Spring Into Colour

Our top must-try colour trends for blondes, brunettes and redheads this spring

Spring is all about renewal, so at this time of year, many of us feel compelled to embrace a whole new look – including a new hair colour. Luckily there's an array of gorgeous new shades to experiment with this season. Here's what hues are on our radar for spring 2017.


If there's one thing that brunettes have going for them, it's that there's a versatility of looks within the brown hair colour spectrum. This season, these options are at their peak, with three different key looks captivating our imagination.

Firstly, the block colour brunette has made an unexpected comeback. The beauty of this single-toned shade is all in its simplicity.

For those who prefer a little more glam-factor, you can't go past a high gloss brunette shade – it looks particularly elegant paired with a lighter brown shade and lob length hair.

Finally, if you prefer a more multi-tonal look, then a tiger eye balayage fits the bill. The ideal example of this colour technique sees golden lightened ends set against a caramel base, creating a beautiful blended effect.


A red light may mean stop, but this season's reds are go-go-go! These energy packed shades should get all redheads (or redhead wannabes!) truly excited.

For those who err on the lighter side of red, you'll want to sink your teeth into a sweet strawberry shade. It's warm and flattering on the complexion, giving the skin a golden a glow.

Or, if you prefer your red to pack a punch, try adding some babylights throughout your tresses to liven up the hue.

Meanwhile, natural-inspired single tone shades have also been in the spotlight and this has played out with a resurgence of understated red shades. Perfect for those with fair complexions and light coloured eyes, the best way to enhance these light red tones is with a colour care range like .


Blondes are renowned for having fun – but they're having even more fun than usual this spring with playful blonde shades.

For starters, there's the unstoppable rise of ultra-platinum. If you do take the platinum plunge, it also opens you up to dabble in the world of short-term bright colours – chat to your stylist about the L'Oréal Professionnel #COLORFULHAIR range for ideas.

Rose gold tinted blonde has also been a whimsical new direction for blondes this season. The colour sees a hint of pink blended through the blonde lengths to create a pretty spring-worthy shade.

And last but not least, don't strike the word 'balayage' from your vocabulary anytime soon! The multi-tonal blend continues to be a favourite for low maintenance blondes because it affords them longer time between touch-up appointments!

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