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Snow Bunny Style

Try these hot off the runway hairstyles when you're hitting the slopes this snow season

You've packed your skis or snowboard along with your gloves, beanie and jacket. But have you given much thought to how you'll style your hair on the snowfields? These four runway hairstyles will take you from carving up the slopes to apres-ski drinks.

Freestyle locks

A bold and fashionable beanie like the one in the above image is a must-have accessory for any snow bunny. Whether it's the colour, print or just a big ol' pompom - when your headgear is making a statement, you should play down your hairstyle with natural textured locks. Just be sure to use a hydrating and repairing shampoo and conditioner like the L'Oréal Professionnel Nutrifier at the end of the day as your hair is prone to dryness in the brisk conditions.

Icy scrape ponytail

Wet-look ponytails are the current darling of the runway – and the look can easily be translated to your snowfield style. But forget trying to create a perfectly sleek pony as it will only fall apart at the first sign of a gusty breeze. Instead, use your fingers to scrape your hair into a messy low ponytail for that lived-in look and set with a high shine finishing spray like hairspray.

Carved bob

Bob and lobs are currently trending – but the downside of this hairstyle length is it can be difficult to secure off your face. (Very important when you're about to embark on a black run!) Our advice? Get yourself a gorgeous thick woven headband and wear it over a poker straight bob. The straightened hair looks polished and smooth while the addition of the headband ensures it stays put.

Aerial tuck

On sunny ski days, it's perfectly acceptable to hit the slopes sans beanie. However you may still want to secure your hair back – and an easy way to do this is by trying the scarf tuck. This runway look involves simply tucking loose textured locks into your scarf (or with a few pins) so it almost looks like a faux bob. The best part? When you're ready to hit the bar at the end of the day, simply release the scarf and let your hair loose.

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