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Slicked-back bobs are officially IN

Listen up ladies, we've got some breaking hair trend news: there's a new hairstyle in town, and it's versatile enough for almost any occasion. Presenting...the slicked-back bob!

The evolution of a hairstyle trend

The bob, and its longer sister the lob, have been leading the hair-trend pack for several seasons, but now they're getting a chic urban update. This slicked-back bob puts a fun, fifties-inspired twist on the look, giving it instant head-turning appeal.

If you've got a bob or lob, or are contemplating taking the plunge, then here's how you can style this season's new favourite mid-length look.

Step 1. After washing your hair with a nourishing, shine-enhancing shampoo and masque such as the ones from the Mythic Oil collection, apply a smoothing styling cream to the hair focusing on the lengths and ends.

Step 2. Blow dry damp locks using a warm (not hot) temperature while pointing the nozzle of the hairdryer down to encourage a straight, sleek finish. Then, take a round soft-bristled brush and wrap the ends around it while blow-drying to achieve a fun flick.

Step 3. Take a small, pea-sized amount of wet-look gel and rub between your palms before smoothing across the sides of your head, leaving the top and back as is. Use a comb to control any flyaways and achieve a slick, uniform finish.

Step 4. Finish with a spritz of hairspray like , for a lightweight finish that will keep your style in place.

Top tip: if you've got naturally curly or rebellious hair, we recommend asking your local L'Oréal Professionnel hair salon about the innovative Steampod straightener. Using high pressure steam, this professional in-salon hair straightener smoothes the hair while adding shine, without the damage caused by regular at-home hot irons.

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