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Ride The Wave

Want waves for days? Follow this three day plan to prolong the lifespan of your wavy styled locks.

No other hairstyle gives us serious #hairgoals right now quite like gorgeous tousled waves. A favourite of the "It" crowd, this look is at once pretty, effortless and undeniably cool. However coveting this gorgeous hairstyle is one thing, but actually recreating the style day after day is quite another. But here's the true genius of this look – styling this look doesn't have to be a daily struggle. To make your gentle curls last longer, try this three day styling plan to make those waves roll on and on and on!

DAY 1: Heat Style

Are you ready to get your wave on? Good! The first day of styling will require the most time and effort – but the good news is it will also be the only time in three days that you actually need to heat style your locks. Set yourself up with your choice of heat styling tool like a curling iron or flat iron and carefully work in small sections to create precise and even curls. Rake through the ringlets with your fingers and your first wavy day is off and running!

DAY 2: Add Texture

Good morning, slightly deflated curls! A whole 24 hours later and your heat styled curls have probably relaxed into ultra-subtle waves. Run with this new look by adding a texturising product to the mix. Mist a product like over the lengths to boost the texture and enhance that tousled wavy look. Use an upward scrunching motion to work the product through and you've suddenly breathed new life into your second day waves.

DAY 3: Braid Save

By the end of Day 2, your hair is probably due for a good wash. However that doesn't mean the wavy hair fun has to stop right there! On slightly damp hair, apply a small dollop of L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art French Girl Hair French Friossé Cream and then plait the hair into either a single or double braid and leave it overnight. The next morning, release the braids and you're suddenly back in wavy town!

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