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Retro style: return of the classic

Fashion repeats itself, so the saying goes. Returning to an iconic look from an earlier era is the epitome of fashion-forward. So, for a sophisticated yet subtle, ultra-feminine and natural looking style, we're stepping back in time...

Vintage style that's not stuck in the past

Even though the 70s blowout look is fashionable this season, the style can be a little rigid-looking. But it's possible to update the look, to get that feminine seventies vibe, without forgetting the original inspiration. To avoid becoming a caricature, start with a basic long bob (also called a clavicut). Then, create light waves, without exaggerating volume, for a fresher, more natural look.

A look back for all locks

This floaty style's advantage is that it suits all hair types: fine, medium or thick. Because 'it tends to accentuate your cheeks,' as L'Oréal Professionnel hair stylist Delphine Courteille reminds us, this classic doesn't suit round-shaped faces.

Deceptive simplicity: a retro look that requires technique

While this seventies style seems minimalist, getting it perfect is far from simple. Delphine Courteille explains that the technique varies depending on your type of hair. For fine hair, your professional stylist will use hot rollers, while medium to thick hair only needs regular styling.

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