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Remember the zigzag headband?

Look back at photos of 90s hair trends, and it's fairly certain you'll spot the V-shaped teeth of the zigzag headband (as well as butterfly clips and big velvet scrunchies). Well, get ready to see it IRL walking down a street near you, because the zigzag has done a U-turn and is back on the trend radar! Let's take a lo

What is a zigzag headband?

Also known as the "teeth" or "stretch" comb, the zigzag is a flexible plastic headband or circular band that stretches to fit to your head shape and size. Half-comb, half-headband, it pulls the hair away from your face and secures it firmly in place, arguably more so than any other styling accessory.

How to wear the zigzag headband

Not only does the zigzag headband pull the hair back and hold it down so that you can get on with your life, flyaway free, but it creates unique tracks along the hair line. The more tightly you press the zigzag headband against the scalp when putting it on, the more pronounced these tracks (and less comfortable).

The zigzag can be worn with almost any hair type and style. You can use it to keep long hair out of your face, or to smooth away any frizz for a chic updo. Our current favourite hairstyle is a little bit more daring: the zigzag is perfect for emphasising a wet-look effect!

Zig-zag wet look

Step 1. On towel dried hair, spritz a small amount of along the forehead line.

Step two. Use a comb to smooth the spray through the top of the hair and create a wearable wet look effect. Leave the lengths and ends.

Step three. Put on your zig-zag headband, creating those iconic tracks as you pull it through the hair.

Step four. Tie up the rest of the hair in a loose bun to contrast with the slick, chic character of the front section. Et voila, a modern way to work the 90s zigzag headband, wet-look style!

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