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Rebel With A Cause

Being bad has never looked so good! Check out these four runway-inspired rebellious hairstyles that are dripping with attitude.

Two of this season's hottest trends came colliding together on the runway recently: wet look and grunge inspired style. Traditional wet look hairstyles tend to be worn neat and chic, but this look proves the finish can also accompany a grunge style. A multi-direction part and loose textured ends bring the grunge vibe, while the top section is set with a wet look shine – try a mist of .

Rocker Bandana

If you're looking for some festival hair inspiration, look no further that this rock-inspired 'do. Hair accessories like this thick chunky bandana have always been a favourite among hard core musos – and when paired with some dishevelled ends, the look is pure rock 'n' roll. Put away the brush and blow dryer, and use a texturizing spray and a scrunching technique with your fingers to create just the right aesthetic.

Hippie Braids

Being a rebel isn't just about toughness – it's also about breaking free of the mould and deying convention, which is what hippies do best! This bohemian double braid marries perfectly with a hippie chic style, embracing loose natural curls with just a hint of structure. We love the way the braiding only starts right at the end of the lengths, almost as though they're an afterthought.

Half-up beehive

The sixties were a time of rebellion and change – and borne out of that era was one of the most iconic hairstyles of all time: the beehive. The bouffant style is big on volume and structure, so if you're recreating the look then you'll need to prep with a root lift product like . This modern runway example offered a half-up half-down take on the beehive, featuring loose natural ends, and even a few loosened sections in the beehive. Oh, behave!

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