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Ombre versus Ombre

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ombre versus ombre

There's more than one way to go ombre – check out these two takes on the colour trend

Ombre #1 – Bold Ombre

The style: You could almost draw a line a third of the way down the head to map out precisely where the darker shade ends and the lighter one begins. But that's the point – this ombre incarnation is bold, defined and dramatic.

The hairstyle: A purposeful part line and sleek locks combined with the defined ombre colour create an overall impactful look. Note the pin neat centre part and ultra-straight locks – not a single hair is out of place. It pairs beautifully with an updated take on the power suit.

What the editors say: This look isn't for wallflowers! We love how in your face the ombre colour is – it's meant to be noticed. Upkeep is essential for this look so check-in to see your stylist for trims and use the range at home.

Ombre #2 – Subtle Ombre (Aka Sombre)

The style: It's fresh, it's relaxed and it's undeniably cool. Subtle ombre – aka sombre – has an effortless vibe about it thanks to the way the darker hues delicately intermingle with the lighter shades. Think of it as the lovechild between balayage and ombre.

The hairstyle: In line with the relaxed vibe, an underdone hairstyle with plenty of texture is the perfect look for sombre locks. A spray like will help you achieve the right look. But don't limit this hairstyle to your casual wardrobe – it can create a lovely contrast to more formal looks.

What the editors say: The surfer chick look is all grown up with this sombre style. Taking a subtle approach to the ombre trend is a gentle way to try out the look while still maintaining an effortless quality.

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