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  • Match the look- Buns: Sky High vs. Laid-back Low

Match the look- Buns: Sky High vs. Laid-back Low

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Buns: High or low?

Pile up high or scrape it low? That's the question for today's bun-themed Match the Look. Make your choice here!

The Sky-High Bun

The style: A high messy bun, or topknot, instantly adds height and elegance to any silhouette. The beauty of having the hair slicked back means the bun itself can be as big as you desire. This glossy, looser high messy bun is a great everyday look and so easy to achieve. Simply pull hair into a high ponytail, then tuck the ends over and through an elastic. Embrace any messy ends that have fallen out from the bun.

The colour: A high bun accentuates your current colour, especially if there's several shades within your hair. Keep the colour glossy and healthy-looking by using a care range like the Lumino Contrast hair regime from Serie Expert.

What the editors say: The topknot can go from chic and sophisticated to fun and flirty in the drop of a hat. For work, neaten up the bun for a more professional finish. After hours, you can simply loosen the bun and add a bit of volume and texture using the Super Dust Powder by Tecni.ART.

The Laid-back Low Bun

The style: The low bun may seem simple and even laid-back, but there's also a "Parisian chic" quality to this demure look. Tie the lengths into a sweet and short low bun and then add a little attitude by setting the look with a wet-look finish spray like .

The colour: A gloss finish hair colour is a great way to make block-coloured hair really stand out. This French chocolate brown looks deliciously shiny as the warm hues create a lovely contrast against the cool gloss.

What the editors say: For long bob to mid-length hair, this style allows you to create a bun style that won't fall apart. Because this hairstyle pulls the hair right off the face, your complexion is on full display. Make the most of it with flawless make-up, some statement jewelry and chic shades!

High or low, what's your bun style choice?

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