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  • Long haircuts with a side fringe: a classic, elegant hair cut

Long haircuts with a side fringe: a classic, elegant hair cut

A young woman with platinum blonde hair and thin side bangs  A young woman with light brown hair and thin side bangs A young woman with blonde hair and thin side bangs
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A long hairstyle with a side fringe has just the right combination of classic and unexpected elements to make it chic and streetwise

Let's take a look at some of our favourite long haircuts with side bangs and decide if this is a must-try style for the next season.

What are side bangs?

As the name suggests, side bangs involve a fringe which is skewed to one side of the face, involving a side part (roughly in line with one of your eyes) and a sweeping section of hair that covers a large part of the forehead, usually skimming the brows. Side bangs, aka side fringe, can be cut thick or thin depending on your hair type and face shape.

Will I suit side bangs?

First up, if you have rebellious, flyaway or curly hair, any kind of bangs – while not impossible – are going to add styling time in the morning. Another aspect to consider is your face shape. Luckily, there is a version of side bangs to suit every shape! Here are some examples...

Long, layered haircuts with side bangs

  • Tapered long side bangs: Square-shaped faces look great with long bangs that gradually lengthen down the sides, subtly blending into a long layered haircut. This style is also very easy to grow out, if you ever feel like trying something new.
  • Thick side bangs and full waves: Thick side bangs are great for round-shaped faces, especially when cut at a sharp angle, as they give the face a more angular look. They can also help shorten the appearance of a long-shaped face.
  • Faux side bangs with layers: You don't actually have to have your hair cut into bangs to work the side-bangs look. Fake it by taking a front section of hair, positioning it as if it were a side bang, across the face, tucking and pinning it under the rest of the hair.
  • Updo with layered side bangs: Think of long, wispy bangs that frame your face while the rest of your hair is styled into an elegant updo, or even a chic low ponytail.

Long bob haircuts with side bangs

  • Cute feathered side bangs: Do you have a heart-shaped face? A long bob with soft, feathery side bangs will reduce the appearance of your forehead and balance your face's overall proportions.
  • Layered side bangs and bob: A voluminous tousled bob with layered side bangs is an ultra modern, laid back and easy to manage hair style. Just a small amount of the will give the hair lasting yet reworkable texture and body.
  • Side bangs or sideswept? Another "cheat" technique for side bangs with a bob is to simply sweep the hair forward and across the face, setting in place with a natural-feel hairspray like the hypoallergenic and a hairclip or two.
  • Super sleek bangs or comb-over: Ultra-glossy hair is having a revival at the moment. Show you're on track with the trend by combing your side bangs/front section of hair into a polished, frizz-free style (top tip: wet look gel works wonders).

How to care for side bangs

Once you've found the ideal length and thickness for your side bangs, you'll have to make regular visits (every 2-4 weeks) to get them trimmed.

Aside from that, avoid over-washing which can lead to hair becoming more greasy and sticking to your forehead. Instead, use a dry shampoo (which also gives great volume) or – if oil from your skin means your bangs get greasy quickly - simply wash your bangs separately in a sink and dry with a round barrel brush.

The verdict is – side bangs are a simple but effective way to give yourself a whole new look!

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