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Long Blonde

Don't wait until summer to lighten your long locks. These three spring-worthy blonde hues work brilliantly on long hair.

As the weather begins to heat up, so too does the urge to dye your long lengths a lighter hue. However many of us mistakenly believe that long blonde hair should be reserved for high summer. But why wait?! If the recent runway shows have taught us anything, it's that there's many on-trend blonde shades that are perfect for sunny spring days. Lighten up with these spring-worthy blonde hues.

Creamy Vanilla

Creamy vanilla blonde is as delicious as the name sounds - minus the messy drips! This cool as ice-cream shade is created by using foils throughout the hair, resulting in a vibrant, edgy finish. Depending on your starting hair colour, achieving this shade of blonde may take multiple trips to the salon. In the long run, it's better for longer hair to be lightened gradually rather than in one hit, otherwise you run the risk of dryness or damage.

Natural Bronde

Somewhere between the spectrum of blonde and brunette lies this shade of bronde – and gosh is it delightful when paired with long gentle waves! Proving that light haired ladies aren't the only ones to have all the blonde fun, a natural bronde shade is the perfect option for ladies with naturally darker long locks. To create the colour, your colourist will add lighter ribbons around the hairline and ends, so it almost creates a shimmering effect. The secret to making it subtle and natural? Stick to shades that are only just lighter than your own.

Lived-In Blonde

You know how your hair becomes naturally flecked with lighter strands after a long hot summer? This effortless lived-in blonde shade mimics that effect by adding sun-kissed highlights throughout the lengths and ends. Note how the roots are left natural and darker – this is crucial to achieving this look as it enhances the lived-in effect. We recommend using colour enhancing hair care products like the to prolong the livelihood of your lived-in blonde colour.

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