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How to get boho waves without heat

When the temperature's nudging 40 degrees, the last thing you'll want to do is style your hair with the use of heat. And that's not a bad thing. Casual boho waves are best achieved by air-drying anyway, saving your locks from heat damage – and keeping you cool in the process.

If your locks are on the straight side, apply into washed, still-damp hair. This product won't leave hair crunchy to the touch, and has both anti-humidity protection (yay) and anti-fluffiness action (double win), which are summer essentials, if you ask us.


Next up, secure medium-sized sections of hair, one at a time, and pin them in place using metal alligator clips. Don't worry too much about perfectly sectioning your hair. If anything, the more random, the better. This will result in more natural-looking waves.

Allow your hair to completely air-dry. Then remove the clips and enjoy your new waves. It goes without saying, the dryer your hair is when you release the clips, the better and more shapely your waves will be. If you don't have adequate time before work to do this, allow your hair to dry overnight and remove all of the clips come morning.

If you want a little extra hold, so the look is still intact by evening, simply apply a little hairspray before releasing the waves. Our pick is Messy Cliché French Girl Hair hairspray. It also provides up to 48 hours of anti-frizz protection, so it's a real no brainer in this weather. We promise you won't miss that blow-dryer one bit.

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