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How to French braid in 2018

A pretty pair of side braids is perfect and practical to boot! Here's an easy step-by-step guide to how to French braid and achieve this cute and contemporary hairstyle.

You will need: A hairdryer, concentrator nozzle, comb, two elastics, fixing spray, mirror.

Step one:

After washing and conditioning hair, comb through gently to remove any tangles, especially the front sections. Create a centre part and dry with the concentrator nozzle at a downward angle until hair is 80% dry.

Step two:

Divide your hair using the centre part as a guide, and tie up the side you are not going to start with. Take three sections of hair from one side, roughly 1-2cm thick each and start a regular braid, weaving each section over the middle piece.

Step three:

Once you have the base of the braid, start picking up segments of new hair each time you weave a section at the side over the middle (this is what differentiates a French braid from a regular one). Make sure you gradually braid away from the forehead towards the back of the neck, picking up new hair from the hairline and back of the head each time.

Step four:

Keep the hair tight to control its direction and French braid until you reach the nape of the neck, when you can use the remaining lengths to braid normally all the way down. Secure with a small elastic at the end.

Step five:

Untie the other side and repeat the French braid process, then fix the look in place with some hairspray. We recommend the professionals' favourite , which is non-allergenic and light while still providing good hold and preventing flyaways.

And that's all there is to creating a fresh take on the French braid that's perfect for 2018!

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