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  • How low can you go? Low-slung ponytail vs. Low neat ponytail

How low can you go? Low-slung ponytail vs. Low neat ponytail

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low slung ponytail vs low neat ponytail

Today's Match the Look is all about low ponytails. So do you prefer your low pony laid back and slung-over-the-shoulder or its chic and put-together sister? Vote now!

Low-slung ponytail attitude

The style: This look is all about nonchalance and carefree beauty with a touch of sass. That said, there's still some hard work here, as keeping your ponytail in this position isn't as effortless as it seems...

The hairstyle: You'll need super smooth hair for this look. The Mythic Oil shampoo and conditioner can help give hair that glossy shine, but for poker-straight locks, we recommend L'Oréal Professionnel's Steampod straightener, which uses steam (far less damaging to hair than a flat iron) to smooth down cuticles.

What the editors say: An over-the-shoulder style is a great way to keep your hair up while also showcasing your colour. Ombré and balayage effects look great on a low-slung ponytail for a chic, boho look!

Low, neat ponytail elegance

The style: Proving that ponytails can be classy, this low and neat incarnation has a diva side to it thanks to the voluminous back section. However the look stays down-to-earth with a few loose tendrils.

The hairstyle: Before tying up the hair, gently backcomb the back-top section, then smooth the un-backcombed hair over the top. Tie up the hair into a pony and secure using an elastic, and then use a tail comb to separate a few sections at the front. You can also use the tail comb to loosen the hair and to inject a bit of volume to this chic, easy look.

What the editors say: We love brunette backcombed hair as the shape has the ability to elongate the silhouette. A texturizing hairspray can help keep the elastic from sliding off, and add more volume to the back.

So which low style is your ponytail preference?

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