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Gloss smudging: what is it and why you should get it!

We can hardly breathe between the waves of hair trends hitting the catwalk this season, which makes it important for us to sit down and carefully identify each one. The latest: Gloss smudging.

Forget your roots

Remember when strong demarcations between your new and original hair colours were on trend? Well, these days we're a more subtle and discerning bunch, and any signs of unnaturalness (when it comes to natural hair colours) are a no-no.

"Gloss smudging" is a new technique that's hitting the catwalk, and salons around the world hard. Simply put, it involves your stylist, adding a gloss or toner to the roots of your hair after colouring it, in order to seamlessly blur the two colours together. This way, you can have perfectly sunkissed hair without the tell-tale root line, even when the colour starts to grow out.

Embrace the future!

Gloss smudging works on any hair colouration that involves going lighter. That's right, brunettes, this one's for you too! Forget worrying about booking your next salon visit the moment you see some sneaky natural roots, gloss smudging effectively "smudges" the tones between the two. This means you can go back to your natural colour, or wait a little longer before calling your stylist – the choice is yours! Low maintenance, high hair colour perfection.

Opting for a gloss smudging effect is also a great idea if you're looking to lift your hair colour without it looking too obvious, and an added bonus is that your hair looks beautifully healthy and...glossy!

Who do we have to thank for the gloss smudging trend? The colour-savvy fashionistas in Los Angeles, who demand perfect-looking hair, but are often too on-the-go to drop into a salon every time their roots show. Sorry ladies, the secret's out now, and it's gone viral!

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