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Get in the thick of it: the secret to fuller looking hair

Our hair changes: it's affected by our diet, our lifestyle, the weather, pollution and much more. And while it's women we often think of when talking about thicker hair, it's just as desirable for men...

A lion's mane

There's no denying it, even though today's men have far more styling options than their forefathers, they don't have the variety their female friends do. That's why the condition of their hair is so important. Denser hair gives a lift to not only your locks, but to your whole self.

To achieve a full majestic mane, a three-pronged approach is best. First, a good cut can work wonders, like the dandy boy or a classic barber cut, which help balance out thinning hair at the front. Second, blow-drying can add a lot of volume. And third, a daily hair care regime with Serioxyl will assist you on your journey to fuller and thicker feeling hair.

Help is at hand

Thin hair can make you feel heavy – it seems odd, but it's true. Taking a clinical approach, as you would to anything that slows you down, means that your hair and mood can change with a little effort! The Serioxyl range offers the fine-haired among us a thicker hair solution.

Everybody wants body

The Serioxyl programme begins in the salon. Your hairdresser will complete a professional hair diagnosis to prescribe a suitable Serioxyl fuller hair at-home regime. This will include a tailor-made daily care system to realise your hair potential and help your hair feel thicker and denser from day one. Start your journey to hair confidence today with Serioxyl.

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