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Crimson In Bloom

Its official - spring has arrived! Not only are the flowers currently at their most vibrant – but so too are this season's delightful new red hair colours. We've scrolled through our Instagram feed to find the most radiant reds to try this season.

Long fiery lengths

Slightly textured and windswept, these long and vibrant lengths are a stand out for breezy spring days. We love how this feisty all-over copper shade reflects the light from different angles, creating volume and depth.

Blunt angular bob and topknot

There's so much to like about this hairstyle that we almost don't know where to begin! For starters, the blunt angled ends showcases some seriously professional hair colour draping techniques, which elegantly transitions from intense auburn to zesty orange. Contrasted with the perfectly messy half-up top knot, this look is the perfect combination of elegant and playful.

Glossy Hollywood waves

A touch of pink rose makes these silky locks so much more than your average Hollywood waved hairstyle. This take on red proves that the colour can be versatile – both bold yet delicate all at once. When recreating this style at home, we recommend using for long-lasting and natural-looking waves.

Dutch braided double buns

These space-age double buns are out of this world! Double dutch braiding techniques have been a favourite among the A-list recently and when combined with this hair colour the look is red hot! This futuristic style shows off the gorgeous multi-tonal fiery red that blends into a delicious peachy rose, all of which can be achieved using L'Oréal Professionnel's in-salon Smartbond colouration system for added vibrancy, strength and shine.

Blunt wavy bob

Blunt wavy bobs are a current red carpet staple. The look is beloved by celebrities for its gorgeous volume and shape as well as its ability to elongate and flatter the neck and collarbone. The piecey waves also do wonders for highlighting the statement colour, which is a copper balayage layered over a warm chestnut shade. Use a texturizing product like to emphasize the layers and perfectly hold these fiery waves in place.

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