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Considering a #HairSwap ? Here is what you need to know!

Always been just a little bit jealous of your BFF's luscious colour? Wondering how to go from dark to light, or vice versa? Here are the secrets for joining the #hairswap.

No need to wig out

Making a big hair change sometimes goes hand-in-hand with life's big moments: a new job, a new relationship, or the end of one. With a big change brings big attention. We've seen some high-profile hair colour swaps on the fashion runways recently and they certainly stole the spotlight. Platinum blonde one day, chestnut brown the next ... it's not a decision to be taken lightly.

Phone a friend (and your hairstylist)

Just because you really want white blonde hair doesn't mean it will work for you. Don't get drawn in by the latest trend – unless it suits your skin and eye tone and the shape of your face. What kind of hair do you have: fine, thick, curly or straight? What features do you want to enhance – or draw attention away from! You also need to think about the condition of your hair before and after your colour service. Going blonde from a very dark base, for example, requires the professional expertise of your hair stylist to ensure you achieve your desired results, whilst respecting the condition of your hair.

The 'you' you want to be

Colour is the easiest way to make a big change. But jumping the rainbow needs consideration. Talk to your L'Oréal Professionnel colourist: Through consultation they will help identify the most suitable colour options so that you can achieve your dream colour. Whatever colour you decide on, they'll help you attain the complete look and make everybody's head turn – even your very best friends!

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