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  • Braid-Off: Mini braid vs Maxi Braid

Braid-Off: Mini braid vs Maxi Braid

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mini braids vx maxi braid

Braids of every variety have dominated the runway recently. So, when it comes to your hair, will you go for a mini braid or a maxi braid?

Mini braids

The hairstyle: The hallmark of a mini braid look is the use of thin and tiny braids. You can wear multiple tiny braids on their own or use them as a starting point for a Neo-Viking vibe ponytail or bun. Alternatively, you can keep it simple with just a single delicate mini braid.

The style: Small braids add instant texture to your hair and are a wonderful complement to any boho chic outfit.

What the editors say: Tiny braids are suitable for any hair length, making them a versatile way to experiment with the braid trend. However, they can take some time to perfect, so allow plenty of time when creating a mini braid inspired hairstyle.

Maxi braid

The hairstyle: The maxi braid is a classic look, consisting of one large plait dangling down the back of the head. Try wearing it with a loose fringe.

The style: A maxi braid may seem simple, but there's actually multiple ways it can be worn – it all depends on where you start the braid. Try it up high on the head, low at the beck or even parted to one side. It also looks particularly great worn with this season's "It" accessory, a 90s-vibe choker necklace.

What the editors say: There's no getting around the fact that to pull off this graphic style you'll need to have long hair. Those who have the length, go for it!

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