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  • Battle Of The Undercuts: Girls vs. Boys

Battle Of The Undercuts: Girls vs. Boys

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Men's versus women's undercut

The undercut has proven popular with both men and women. However the jury's still out on whether the ladies or the fellas rock this edgy look best. Let's face-off two takes on the undercut to determine who wore it better...

Boys' Undercut

The hairstyle: The haircut line is extremely defined and the top of the head is shaped to resemble a clean and sleek Mohawk.

The style: This look hot off the Cerruti Menswear Spring/Summer 2017 runway is pure class. The model's cleanly shaven jawline and immaculately styled slick undercut locks show-off the undercut to its full potential.

What the editors say: The next time your man says he's thinking he needs a new haircut, this is the inspiration picture to wave under his nose! It's sophisticated yet hip, making it perfect for work or play.

Girls' undercut

The hairstyle: This model's undercut is all about rock 'n' roll texture. The side shave isn't precise while the pompadour is voluminous.

The style: The undercut may be an androgynous style, but this look proves that an undercut can be feminine. The free flowing shape and tousled finish add to the sexiness of this short cut.

What the editors say: This behind-the-scenes model shot oozes cool factor! Wallflowers needn't apply – this is an attention grabbing cut. Follow the model's lead by pairing the hairstyle with a thick lashing of liquid liner for rockabilly chic at its best.

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