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Balayage, Bronde, Ombré Defined

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You've heard of these hot-right-now colour trends – but what exactly do they all mean? Here we breakdown the defining factors of balayage, bronde and ombré hair.


Balayage has been one of the most hotly requested hair colours in recent years - but what exactly does it mean? The word balayage itself actually refers to the colouring technique of sweeping or painting the hair. However when you hear people say 'balayaged hair', what they are referencing is the end result, which is generally a sun-kissed, soft and natural looking shade that features a gentle colour graduation from root to tip.


Somewhere in-between blonde and brunette lies this pretty shade that's come to be known as 'bronde'. This bespoke colour is perfect for naturally darker blondes or light brunettes as it works with their base shade and then adds lighter ribbons around the hair line and through the lengths. The beauty of this trend is it's a low maintenance colour, making it perfect for someone who doesn't like the commitment of regular colour appointments.


Ombré hair colour is about creating a striking graduated colour effect through the lengths. It's sometimes confused with balayage because it uses the same free-form hair colouring technique. However what separates ombré hair from its more subtle balayage cousin is that the colour graduation is sharp, being darkest at the roots and then becoming noticeably lighter through the mid lengths and ends. Also, the ombré technique isn't limited to natural hues – for instance at the moment it's trendy to combine ombré colouring technique with pastel hair shades.

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