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All Tied Up

Forget bows – this season, ribbons are being used unconventionally in an array of spring-worthy hairstyles

Ribbon hold

Move over hair elastics! If we learnt anything from fashion week, it's that a ribbon is a chic substitute when you want to secure your hair in an easy breezy up-do. Because a piece of fabric doesn't quite have the same strength hold as an elastic, a ribbon tie will work best with a loose and more undone style – like this centre part low bun. Embrace any loose tendrils that escape from the ribbon, it's all part of that laid back vibe.


Getting creative with your ribbon tying technique can transform an ordinary piece of ribbon into an artistic creation. This was showcased brilliantly on the runway recently when a long string-like piece of ribbon was woven around a chunky low braid. The ribbon detail around the braid created an almost bulging effect, taking the humble plait to artistic new territory.

All wrapped up

How good are your bandaging skills? One of the most striking ribbon creation looks on the runway this season saw a sleek ponytail wrapped tightly with a ribbon, using the same technique that you would use when bandaging. The silky sheen ribbon combined with the pin-neat wrapping and super straight pony gave this striking look a touch of drama. Practice makes perfect if you want to try this look.

Choker turned hair tie

Is it a necklace or is it a hair accessory? Why not be both! Choker style necklaces have made a surprising return to popularity lately, and this look takes that idea even further by combining it into the sleek low ponytail hairstyle. We love the way the ribbon is tied around the neck like a choker and then used to secure the pony. Hair that's in healthy, shiny condition is a must for this look, so add a glossy finish to the lengths by rubbing on a few drops of .

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