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Accessorised And Elastic-Free Up-Dos

faux bob tucked into bandana Ponytail tued with ribbon Sleek low bun wrapped in fabric Stick adorned chignon
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Don't let MIA hair elastics stop you from wearing your hair in an up-do – just improvise with hair accessories! Go beyond the hair elastic with these four accessorised runway hairstyles.

The Bandana Tuck

Bandana accessories are perfect for tucking your hair into a faux bob. Simply gather the lengths at the nape of the neck and tuck under before whipping a piece of material around the head to hold it all in place. Don't forget to tie it off at the top into a cute bow shape.

The Ribbon Tie Pony

A long ribbon is the perfect replacement for an absent elastic – and it looks incredibly chic. To create this pretty ribbon adorned pony, ensure the hair is frizz-free and brushed back into a mid-height pony. Then simply wind the ribbon tightly around the base of the pony and tie to secure in place.

The Wrapped Low Bun

For a pin-neat up-do, you can't go past this wrapped bun look. Simply brush the hair into a sleek low bun at the base of the neck and cover it tightly with a knotted head scarf to secure in place. To complement the sleekness of this look, slick down the top of the head with a high shine finishing spray like L'Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Shower Shine.

The Updated Stick Chignon

Think of this look as the 2.0 version of sticking crossed pencils or chopsticks through your chignon! A natural-inspired stick accessory will hold a textured chignon loosely in place and give it an earthy vibe. To help secure this look you may need a couple of extra bobby pins as well as a strong hold hairspray like L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium Lacquer.

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