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6 of the best haircuts to suit long faces

For those of us that have a long face, there isn't just one haircut that will suit you, there are lots! When it comes to flattering hairstyles that will balance out your beautiful elongated facial proportions you have many options. First, check that you know your face shape, then pick from these six best haircuts for l

So – do I have a 'long face'?

As well as 'long' the other types of face shape are: heart, diamond, oval, square and round. To be sure you have a long face, check the following...

1. Your face is longer than it is wide.

2. Your forehead, cheekbones and jaw-line roughly measure the same.

3. Your chin and forehead may look particularly long

4. If you were to trace around your face, it would be slightly thinner than an egg-shape.

If you're not really sure, don't despair. It's quite common to have a face that has elements of all the different shapes: like rounded heart, or long oval for example. If in doubt, ask your stylist for a professional assessment!

6 of the best haircuts for long faces

Here's our selection of the best haircuts for long faces in particular, across a range of hair types.

Side parted waves.

One of the best haircuts for a long oval face is a long sideswept wavy style. Sweeping your hair over your forehead helps give the impression that your face is less elongated.

Face-framing layered hair

If you have naturally-straight hair, implementing face-framing layers and a side part are other ways to achieve the same result. Ask your stylist to have the front sections end just at your cheekbone level to give the impression of a wider, more symmetrical face shape.

Shoulder-length layers

Another recommended hairstyle for someone with a long face (particularly if you have thin hair too) is a shoulder-length layered lob (long bob). By focusing the volume around the ear and shoulder level using layering techniques, the eye is drawn away from the vertical shape of your face, and centres on the horizontal instead.

Blunt fringe

The most effective way of minimising the length of your forehead is through a set of blunt bangs - Ideal for those with naturally thicker hair. If you'd like to try a subtler alternative, sideswept bangs also do a good job at reducing the length of your face.

XXL bob

The ideal type of bob for long faces is chin-length or just below, with the volume focused around the ear level. To ensure it doesn't fall flat throughout the day, use a spray like , a thermo-active volumizing product that boosts texture and volume without leaving any residue.

Side braided and beautiful

• Traditionally, braided hairstyles are considered a no-go for long face shapes. There is however one exception: the side braid. Think about a thick, slightly messy plait slung over one shoulder that will draw attention and complement your naturally-long face shape. For naturally shiny hair that has a tendency to slip out of braids, use a mattifying texturising product like the Messy Cliché hairspray from Tecni.Art.

Other tips for rounding out a long face

• Cosmetics: Try contouring techniques to add shadow to the top and bottom of your face to shorten its appearance.

• Accessories: a statement pair of large sunglasses can help bring all the attention to the centre of your face. Try to avoid glasses that extend past the widest part of your face however. Big round earrings can also help bring the appearance of width to your face.

• Clothing: Remove that neck scarf (anything that accentuates a long neck will also make your face look longer) and tie it around your head as a contemporary headband to reduce the appearance of your forehead.

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