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5 Ways To Get Glossy Hair

The winter weather often wreaks havoc on innocent hair, rendering it dull and lifeless. Luckily, we have 5 ways to keep your hair looking glossy so your locks will always look luscious!

1. Be wise when you wash

Hair is often at its shiniest when it's freshly washed – so keep that in mind if glossy locks are what you crave. Lighter hair in particular is more susceptible to product build up and needs to be washed more often, while brunettes usually reach their gloss goals with well-conditioned second day hair.

2. Shape up your shampoo

Deep cleansing shampoos and conditioners should have a place in your hair's heart for those days when you are trying to get rid of product build up. If you are going for gloss however (and who isn't?!), then clarifying products are not your friend, as they strip away the natural oils that give your hair its beautiful sheen. Instead, opt for a nourishing shampoo like Nutrifier by Serie Expert which contains coconut oil in a lightweight texture – resulting in softer shinier hair!

3. Be careful when you brush

Brushing your hair is a part of most people's grooming routine, and plays an important part in keeping your hair healthy and shiny. You do need to be careful while you brush though, as aggressive tugging can actually damage your hair and cause breakage. Try to opt for a brush with natural bristles instead of synthetic, as these aid the distribution of oil in your hair, which in turn help you get the gloss.

4. Say it with a straightener

You've probably noticed that your hair is super shiny just after you've straightened it. This is no coincidence - straighteners actually help hair look shinier! The heated panels actually smooth ruffled hair cuticles flat, allowing light to bounce off your hair better than when it is un-straightened. Similarly, blow-drying your hair away from the scalp helps smooth hair cuticles and results in a shinier finish.

5. Add a drop of oil

It makes sense that rubbing a drop of oil over your hair might make it look shiny – and many celebrities use this little trick to get glossy on the go. Use an oil like Huile Radiance in the Mythic Oil range to protect your hair before using a straightener or hair dryer. This multi-tasking radiance oil is our stylists' secret to super shiny hair from root to tips. The Original Oil from the Mythic Oil collection is also a great choice for illuminated locks, containing avocado and grade-seed oil, and can be applied either to dry or damp hair. The trick here is never use more than a couple of drops though, as any more than that might take your hair from glossy to greasy!

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