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5 Reasons To Embrace Next-Day Hair

In-between wash days don't have to ruin your style - here's why you should embrace those days when your hair is in transition.

#1 It benefits your hair

In-between wash days are actually doing your hair health a massive favour. Ideally, you should only wash your hair once every two to three days. Any more than that and you run the risk of stripping your hair of its natural oils - or on the contrary, overstimulating the scalp's oil production and making it greasy.

#2 It's practical for styling

We all love the feeling of just-washed hair – however when it comes to actually styling your locks, next day hair is far more practical to work with. If you're trying to create any kind of up-do hairstyle, freshly washed hair is more prone to being slippery while second day hair is better able to hold the style.

#3 There's plenty of styling options

Many of the current trending hairstyles work brilliantly with next-day texture. Loose surfer girl waves look flawless with this texture. Voluminous up-do creations like a messy ballerina bun or an XXL ponytail also benefit from the depth that next-day hair texture offers. Tousled half-up hairstyles are also hugely popular at the moment and they work brilliantly with the casual vibe of next-day hair.

#4 The A-list approve of it

In case you were wondering – next-day hair officially has the approval of the 'it' crowd with the textured look cropping up everywhere from the red carpet to the runway. Recent red carpet events have seen the who's who of Hollywood rocking some serious next-day texture while the catwalk has been awash with models sporting various interpretations of the next-day hair trend.

#5 And you can even cheat your way to next-day hair!

Okay, so you're completely sold on next-day hair – and want to wear it even on days when you aren't between washes. No problem! Fake your way to that voluminous texture using L'Oréal Professionnel Next Day Hair spray. Simply spritz over the locks, focusing the product at the roots and use your fingers to tousle through the hair.

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