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5 Gorgeous Balayage Hairstyles As Seen On Instagram

For the uninitiated, balayage is a free-handed highlighting technique that creates a gorgeous and natural-looking result. Here are five Instagram examples where balayage has been executed brilliantly.

Strobing Balayage

Strobing has been trending in the make-up realm - and now there's a hair incarnation for the high-shine technique. Hair strobing involves using balayage technique to highlight strands in order to create a sunkissed effect. To pull it off, your colourist will place the highlights in such a way that the light will naturally bounce off the hair. The ultimate goal is to create a subtle glow that casts flattering light across the face.

Hair Contouring Balayage

Here's another hair colouring concept inspired by a popular make-up trend! In the make-up world, contouring is used to define the facial shape, particularly around the cheek bones. The same goes for hair contouring – the idea is to strategically place dark and light highlights throughout the hair so that it adds definition and even alters the face shape. Employing balayage technique ensures the dark and light contouring highlights blend seamlessly together to create an effortless finish.

Broux Balayage

When girls with naturally darker hair get their hair lightened, it can often result in a reddish tint. Don't fight nature! Instead, next time you're at the salon, in place of classic blonde highlights, ask your colourist to lighten your hair a "broux" (brown red) shade. This eliminates that in-between blonde-with-reddish undertones effect, plus it means that your stylist will be able to use a balayage technique to blend the broux tints with your natural hair colour.

Bronde Balayage

Ninety-nine percent of the time brunette ladies love their manes. However on that one-percent day when they need a change, bronde is the answer! To pull it off, your colourist can employ a very precise balayage technique to place a few lighter strands throughout your hair. This will add warmth to naturally brown locks and give a sunnier colour. The change is big enough to satisfy that craving to mix things up but subtle enough to still look natural.

Sombré Balayage

Fashionistas worldwide love sombré hair because it creates a defined contrast between the roots and the ends. It's at once striking, yet natural, which is why it's so coveted. Before taking the plunge it's important to have a frank chat with your colourist about how distinguished you want the colour change to look. This will guide the colourist with their highlight placement and balayage technique, which ultimately determines how dramatic the sombré effect will be.

One Final Note On Balayage...

No matter what style of balayage you adopt, it's important to first consult with your colourist on what look would best suit you.

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