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5 Beautiful Feminine Undercuts As Seen On Instagram

Undercuts aren't just for blokes anymore! Putting a feminine twist on the classic undercut looks absolutely gorgeous. To get you inspired, we've handpicked five gorgeous undercut hairstyles as seen on Instagram. #UndercutChic.

Pastel Hair

Two current hair trends come colliding together in perfect harmony in this social media snap. This pretty pastel undercut is edgy yet whimsical thanks the combination of style and colour. Note how the undercut area remains the natural hair shade while the lengths have been dyed, ultimately creating a gorgeous two-tone effect.

Braided Undercut

There's a misconception floating around that undercuts have a limited amount of styling options. Scrap that! This undercut 'do with a combo braid and bun proves that versatility is indeed possible. To keep your styling options open, go as short as you like underneath but ensure the lengths on top are left long enough to be tied into a bun, curled, or even braided.

The Curly Hair Undercut

Straight-haired girls aren't the only ones who can rock an undercut! Girls with curls can certainly make an undercut work – though a trip to the hairdresser's is definitely in order to perfect the style. The beauty of this look comes from the gorgeous contrast between the curly top and razor sharp underside. Keeping your curls looking their best is top priority, so whip them into shape with the L'Oréal Professionnel Bouncy and Tender Dual Stylers Gel.

The Bowl Cut Undercut

Want an undercut that stands out from the rest? Then look no further than the Bowl Cut Undercut. This sculptural take on the undercut adds a whole new dimension to the style because it defers from the classic shaved sides look we're used to seeing. Follow this stylish Instagrammer's lead by adding a wash of on-trend silver hair dye for a truly unique style.

The Subtle Undercut

Not all undercuts need to be big and bold. This subtle undercut is extremely versatile, giving you the option to display or disguise your undercut simply by changing up your style. Show your undercut off to full effect with double braids, give a hint of it with a mid-length pony or hide it all together by wearing your hair out. And remember, you can also get creative with your undercut design by experimenting with a variety of different lines and shapes. Sky's the limit!

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