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4 Ways To Wear Baby Bangs

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Baby bangs are ultra-short and so on-trend! But did you know there's more than one way to wear them? We've looked to the runway and found various incarnations of the baby bangs trend.

Thin & Wispy Baby Bangs

This model's haircut is a textbook example of baby bangs. The fringe is cut ultra-short to dramatically frame the face. The bangs are then thinned out around the middle to keep them airy and reveal a little of the forehead peeping through. It's hip, rock 'n' cool and achingly cool.

Retro Baby Bangs

The 1940s are having a revival! This model's take on baby bangs sees a longer fringe that's rounded at the ends. There's a clear vintage vibe to the style, however what makes it current (and not costume-y) is the vibrant blonde colour and the addition of a top knot.

Graphic Baby Bangs

Defined baby bangs make a striking style statement – and this model owns it with her graphic take on the trend. The sharp lines of the fringe draw attention to both the unique hair style as well as the model's face. Wear it with confidence – this look's a head turner!

Boyish Baby Bangs

The great thing about baby bangs is it looks awesome paired with longer length hair and even better with shorter cuts. Take a page out of this model's style book by pairing asymmetrical baby bangs with a choppy pixie cut. It's cute, sassy and stylish all rolled into one.

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