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4 reasons to try an asymmetrical bob

We're not saying the classic bob is "out", but rather that it's getting a modern, uneven update, and becoming a bold asymmetrical bob! It's time to stop following the straight line, and get angular...

4 advantages of an asymmetric bob

1. The biggest advantage of having an asymmetric bob is simple. Turn to one side: mid-length hair. Turn to the other side: short bob. This style gives you two looks for the price of one!

2. Not sure about keeping your bob or going longer? An asymmetric option lets you grow it out slightly and test longer lengths.

3. Just like a regular bob, a short hairstyle such as the asymmetric bob gives instant volume to naturally thin locks because the shorter lengths mean the hair is lighter.

4. All hair types can rock an asymmetric bob, even super curly girls! Just remember to tell your stylist where you'd like the hair to fall, as we all know hair looks longer when wet, and it's easy to accidentally end up with a bob shorter than expected.

How to style your angled bob

The asymmetric bob looks at its best when styled into a deep side part, with a little texture and volume so that it doesn't fall flat against the head. We recommend the , which is also ideal for the festival season, as it soaks up excess grease and gives hair a delicious fragrance for 24h. Simply spray onto the roots, wait a few seconds, then scrunch in.

Color inspiration for bobs

If you're trying out a daring look like the asymmetrical bob, why stop there? Let your imagination take control and get creative with color! You don't have to jump in at the deep end with a permanent shade either; the new Flash Make-up service by L'Oréal Professionnel launching in September 2018 offers wash-out temporary hair color in a wide range of vibrant, personalizable shades. Turquoise

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