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3 Steps To Silky Straight Hair

It's official: pin-straight hair is in! However, just the thought of attempting this look may have you worrying about the frazzled and fried state it will leave your hair. Stress less! Just follow these three easy steps for poker straight locks – without the heat damage...

Step 1: Health Check

Step away from the straightening iron! Before you even consider attempting this style you need your locks to be in silky, shiny condition - and the only way to achieve that is through maintenance. If your hair is a little on the straw-side, an intensive hydrating hair care routine is a must. Simply wash the hair with hydrating products, use a nourishing hair mask regularly and book in for a trim every few months. The bottom line? This style will look best on hair that's in healthy, top notch condition.

Step 2: Protection Policy

Fact: Heat styling your hair is going to do some damage. Think about it, you're applying scorching hot temperatures directly onto the fragile hair cuticle! Therefore, the first rule of using a straightener is to limit your usage to a twice a week, maximum. Then regardless of whether you're blow drying or straightening, always first apply a heat protectant product like L'Oréal Professionnel Crème Universelle Mythic Oil. This will coat the hair shaft and offer it some protection from the heat styling tool.

Step 3: Straightening Technique

Patience and technique are the foundation elements for creating pin-straight styled hair. Take your straightening iron (remember, a professional flat iron will achieve a better end result) and adjust the heat temperature to the lower side. It may take a little longer, but it will ultimately be less damaging if you straighten your hair using a lower temperature. Then, divide your mane into sections and take the time to slowly straighten each section before moving onto the next. Once the entire head is straightened, lightly mist with a fixing spray to give the style hold.

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