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Two ways to wear headscarves this year – Turban Vs. Tied

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Turban vs Tied

It's no secret that headscarves are one of the hottest hair accessories going 'round this year. From runway looks to celebrity styling, the humble scarf is being used in several ways around the world. So which way should you wear yours? Turban or Tied? Vote now in match the look!


Patterned turbans graced the runway of Marc Jacobs SS18 recently, and added a glamorous 70s edge to the collection. The bold and bedazzled scarves/ turbans were designed by British milliner Stephen Jones, and were a reference to Kate Moss's iconic 2009 Met Gala look, as explained by Jacobs in the show notes. If you want to channel your inner 70s icon, be warned – this style is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared for rubber necking if you choose to try the turban, with people craning their neck to get a glimpse of your fabulous fashionista self! An extra bonus with this look is that it doesn't matter how dirty your hair is.


Tying a scarf around your head is a great introduction to the scarf style, as it can be done in many ways and dialled up or down depending how adventurous you're feeling! If you want to try an Old Hollywood vibe, wrap the scarf from the top of your head and tie it under your chin. If you're ready to rock a retro aesthetic, do the opposite and start at the nape of your neck and secure the scarf at the top of your forehead (as pictured). You can even tie a scarf around a pony tail or bun to keep things even more simple. The choice is yours!

Our stylists recommend

As luxurious as a head scarf looks and feels, they tend to slide off your hair, especially if they're made from silk! The secret is to give your hair a bit of grip with a texturising product first, and then secure the scarf in place with some trusty bobby pins. We recommend a dry shampoo product like from L'Oréal Professionnel to give your locks a bit more stick and volume.

Turban or tied, which way are you going to style your scarf?

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