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Keep it together: 4 ways to wrap up your hair

Flyaways? Unwashed hair? Bad hair day? No worries – just wrap up your locks and think no more of it! Here are four ideas to inspire your imagination...

Stylish scarf

A silk scarf doesn't just have to be wrapped around your neck - it can also be used as a cute hair accessory. Simply fold, wrap around the head on top of whatever hairstyle you're wearing and tie in an easy knot or bow at the front. Practical and fashion-forward!

Low bandana

An edgy bandana can also double up as a hair tie. It's a great way of adding a pop of colour to your hair and keeping it under control. To avoid hair slipping out, tie a clear elastic underneath, then wrap the bandana over the top. To finish off the look, use the Huile Originale from the Mythic Oil range on the lengths and ends for ultra-shiny hair.

Metal cuff

Usually worn as a bracelet, there's no reason you can't clip a metal cuff around a textured high bun or ponytail. Spray the rest of the hair with a hairspray such as the best-selling Infinium from L'Oréal Professionnel to ensure the style holds all day, and use a dry hair shampoo like the Morning After Dust from Tecni.ART to revive your hair between washes.

Long textured ribbon

More and more, we're seeing this ribbon-ponytail trend move from the runway to the street. Ultra simple, it involves tying the hair in a low ponytail, then wrapping a long ribbon of your choice from the base to halfway down the hair. Top tip: thicker ribbons with texture are more likely to hold in place than satin or silk. Avoid flyaways by using L'Oréal Professionel's Infinium hairspray, which gives your bow-look long hold with unparalleled shine.

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