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How we're rocking the low pony this season

Looking to get out of a hairstyle rut? Why not be a little bold with your low ponytail this season! Here are three ways you can add some drama to your everyday hairstyle – from accessories to texture and colour.

Blunt with colour contrast

Mid-length hair doesn't have to look mediocre when tied back into a low ponytail. By contrasting your elastic with your hair colour, such as black against blonde, bright red against brunette, or white against black, you can show your rebellious side.

When it comes to the hair, keep the look modern with blunt ends and a slightly textured finish. We find that a dry shampoo is ideal for a semi-matte, urban finish that also soaks up any oil – ideal for in-between washes. Try the : simply spray over the hair and shake through with your fingers before tying your low ponytail.

Wrapped up in style

We're confident in saying that ribbons have been one of the biggest Fashion Week hair trends. Tightly coiled around the base of the ponytail, they add texture and an unexpected element to a regular low ponytail.

Contrast a textured ribbon with super sleek hair by using a hair serum after washing or, if your hair isn't naturally straight, ask about the L'Oréal Professionnel in-salon smoothing treatment, Steampod, whose super-sleek effects last for up to 8 weeks.

Naturally knotted

Fun and fresh, this look really adds some energy to a regular low ponytail, and it's super simple! Tie your ponytail as you would normally, twisting the elastic twice around the base. Then, separate the elastic and pull a section of hair through by a few cm to create a knot-like effect. You can do this with other sections to make the finish look more complex.

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