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How To Rock Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair has an unjustified reputation for being difficult to manage. Forget that! Here are some ways to tame your short, curly hair with style!

Styling a curly bob

The curly bob has cropped up numerous times on the runway recently, signifying that this look is right on trend. The contrast between the round curls and the clean shape of the bob creates a striking yet feminine look. The length of this cut is crucial, so be sure to consult with your stylist – the bob should draw attention to the neckline while still be long enough to allow for movement.

Styling a curly pixie

A curly pixie cut makes an unmissable statement – but to make it work you really need to exaggerate the hair volume by opting to keep the top section of hair slightly longer. Ask your stylist to shave the sides, graduating up to 7-10cms of length at the top, as this will retain that more playful look. For a slightly androgynous take on the curly pixie, try pairing it with an undercut.

Curly hair with bangs

Yes, you can pull off bangs with curly hair! Ask your hairstylist for an airy, light fringe with a bit of length so that the curls don't coil up too tightly. To control the shape of the fringe, you can try scrunching it with your fingers as you blow dry – or you can even straighten the fringe for a more French girl effect.

Don't forget curl care products...

Whatever short curly hair style you decide to go with, remember to always use products suited to your hair type – for instance, try a styling product like the L'Oréal Professionnel Dual Stylers Bouncy & Tender Gel.

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