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Big hair, don't care

Been dreaming big for years and fed up with that flat hair? It's time to indulge and transform your look – finally the time has come to turn up the volume!

Turn up the volume

It's great news for those pining for more volume in their lives. Been dreaming of going "Big" but plagued by fine, flat hair? Times have changed and L'Oréal Professionnel has come up with the solution to transform your look – from flat and lifeless to big and bouncy!

Rebel Push Up Hair Mousse from L'Oréal Professionnel Wild Stylers, is a texturizing powder-in-mousse for all hair types, even those with lanky, fine or flat hair. Finally the day has come to democratise volume and share the 'Big' love. This product is coming to Australia soon!

How does Rebel Push Up Hair work?

Its extra volume effect lifts roots and means longer lasting voluminous blow dries, curling or simply all over volume, whatever your hair length or style.

The first micro powder in a texturizing powder-in-mousse, it's best used before styling to get great results. Creating a lightweight support layer with volume, it protects against humidity and gives extra hold too. Soft and practical like a mousse, it's got the long lasting duration and texturizing power of powder.

Go for colour too

To push the transformation further, pop by your L'Oréal Professionnel and ask about #colorfulhair. The ammonia-free gentle formula can wash out after 15 shampoos so you can not only go "Big" this season, but you can change its colour ever so easily.

Pick a pink pastel, a green or a blue – go for any shade of the rainbow to emphasise your new Big Do and make even more of an impact!

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