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2017 Boxer braids vs. 2018 Multi braids

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Boxer braids vs. multi braids, which trend is your favorite?

Fists at the ready! For today's Match the Look we're in the ring with two sets of boxing braids: last year's boxer braid trend and the latest 2018 multi braids look. Which braid style is a total knockout? Place your bets...

2017: Boxer braids

The hairstyle: Classic boxer braids are an urbanized version of schoolgirl plaits, and are created using the Dutch braiding technique where the 3 sections of hair are woven over the top of one-another as opposed to underneath (as with a French braid.)

Styling: As the name suggests, boxer braids are a great style choice for sports, but they can also easily transition into an edgy everyday look. Just remember to use some strong hold hairspray - such as Infinium by L'Oréal Professionnel – to keep the hair at the front free from frizz and flyaways.

What the editors say: We're still not over the 2017 boxer braid look because we love its practicality and "don't mess with me" attitude! Our tip: if you hair is naturally silky, apply a dry shampoo like the Morning After Dust from Tecni.ART before styling for added texture and grip.

2018: Multi boxer braids

The hairstyle: Following on from the 2017 boxer braid look came this multi-braid version. For the person who's super confident about their Dutch braiding skills, this look consists of five braids, with one dividing at ear level and one following the curve over the top of the scalp.

Styling: This more put-together and chic take on boxer braids requires hair that's a little tamer, for a more sophisticated finish. Apply a styling gel like Fix Move, before blow drying and braiding to give the look more control and shine, but without compromising the hair's natural movement.

What the editors say: Just like us, the boxer braids have grown up in 2018! This style may seem a little more complicated, but it's still seriously adaptable and would look great whether you're out window shopping or ready to work up a sweat!

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